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Room - 住宿活動

🍻🌍TripGG Love Earth, All You Can Drink🌍🍻

🎉 ALL YOU CAN DRINK with additional price $149 before 12am if  you are customer tonight 🎉

Drinking Beers with friends from all over the world after traveling all day long, What an enjoyable thing!!!
Just book us without hesitation. Moreover, you can decrease the usage amount of bottles and cans. 

🚩The beer cup only be used by you. We will charge the extra price once you share. 
🚩$499 for visitor.
🚩Wash yourself beer cup after drink.
🚩We will call the police if you act exaggerated or bother other customer 👮🏻
🚩We will charge the cleansing fee $1000 if you stain our space or vomit,.

The activity duration: From now on till.... till....errrrr..... I don't know😁

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TripGG Website:www.tripgg.com.tw