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About TripGG -

The name of TripGG Hostel was created from Chinese, which means “The place traveler stays together”. Travel has different definition for people, it can be relax, entertainment, experience, explore, even precipitation. It becomes aware of completely different atmosphere when you stay at unfamiliar environment, then everyone shares and exchanges feeling, laugh and have fun together, fascination of travel was born from these elements.
Stay at TripGG Hostel, accommodation is not just sleep; you can see the whole street view through the French Window when you set in public area, totally feel relaxed; the hostel’s value is when you see guests talked about their own special experience, to exclaim in surprise, to laugh, the picture defined why we are here.




而旅聚居的LOGO還有兩個小概念…大部分的人都覺得它長得像鳥。沒錯!我們藏了一個鳥的意象在裡面,象徵自由;不論旅人們出發旅行的自由,還是旅人們想在這趟旅程中找尋的自由。在旅聚居,自由不用任何理由! 另一個則是,那性格的煙斗…就如所形容,性格!每個旅人都有自己的性格,代表你的性格又是什麼呢?歡迎在旅聚居,盡情展現!