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👑👑👑Group-Buying Voucher👑👑👑

We found out these days our hostel receive many group booking and realized that December has come, Christmas is near and it's the season for traveling💐🌸🌷🌸💐

From today on TripGG Hostel is going to launch group-buying voucher:

💎💎💎buy 6 unit can get 15% discount 💎💎💎
💎💎💎buy 10 unit can get 20% discount 💎💎💎

here are the rules:

with the voucher you can trade in $600NTD, one unit for a night and can't be exchange
its invalid with our company chop
have to make a reservation first
we reserved the right of final explanation
no refund once the voucher is purchased

Can't miss the chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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