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Room - 住宿活動



💥免入住,只要透過Facebook分享“此文“並在自己分享的內文寫上:『旅聚居兩歲生日快樂 / Happy Birthday to TripGG Hostel!』(中英都要寫上唷~記得要設定成“公開🌏分享喔“)

開放分享時間: 即日起至9/30 20:00
直播抽獎時間: 9/30 20:30
活動限制: 一人僅有一次參與抽獎機會(重複打卡,也只算一次抽獎機會唷~)

首獎: 6張多人房型住宿券--1位 
二獎: 1張雙人大套房住宿券---1位 
三獎: 1張標準雙人套房住宿券---1位 
四獎: 1張多人房型住宿券---6位

我們9/30 20:30臉書直播見

TripGG 2-year-old Birthday PARTY---Special Offer only @ Facebook🎁
If you couldn’t be present on Sep. 30. for the party, you still have chance to win something!
💥Anyone, who shares this post and write down『旅聚居兩歲生日快樂 / Happy Birthday to TripGG Hostel!』(Chinese sentence and English one must be written. Don’t forget set your sharing post as “Pulic”🌏 status.)
We will announce who are the winners 👑 on September 30. @ Facebook LIVE.

Sharing time: from now on to 20:00, September 30. 
Live Time@Facebook: 20:30, September 30.
Note: One username can participate once. (re-sharing is count as one time sharing)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Prizes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
First prize: 6 coupons for beds in dorm rooms – One winner
Second prize: 1 coupon for Large Double Room – One winner
Third prize: 1 coupon for Standard Double Room – One winner
Fourth prize: 1 coupon for a bed in a dorm room– 6 winners.
~~~~~~Coupons could be used in one year~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Don’t miss this chance if you gonna visit Kaohsiung.
See you @ Facebook Live at 20:30 on September 30.