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以為巧合這樣就結束了, 疏不知新來報到的小幫手--黃煒

你們說說,世界是否太小? 或是大家都很愛旅聚居? 哈哈(第二個理由比較正確, 對吧?)


What a smaaaaaaaall world!!

couple days ago, we got a group of Chinese Music Club from National Taiwan University.
One of them is a friend of Qing Yu, our working exchange helper.(upper left pic)
There is one more coincident is--- last year we had a working exchange helper, who painted the metro wall. Her boyfriend, one from this club, was also here!!!!!(lower pic)

That's it? Noooooo...When our new helper, Huang Wei, arrived, his classmate checked in at our hostel at the same time....(upper right pic)

Is this world sooooo small? Or TripGG is the top choice? haha(I think the second reason makes more sense.)

So it is time to stay at TripGG!! Let's see if you will meet your acquaintance.