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小幫手青諭(左)第一天來的時候,就告訴我說她這次來高雄要學會騎機車~(曾經考過兩次駕照沒過 顆顆)


Tina的不敗紀錄也繼續維持著(Tina帶過3個人去考駕照 都過了~~)

【TripGG Driving Class】
When our working exchange helper, Qing Yu, the first day arrived, she told me she wanted to learn how to ride a scooter. (She has done the scooter test twice but didn't pass. keke)
Couple days ago, we talked about going to a beach. We could find scooters, however, no one could ride. 
Then I said, let's do the test again. 
Qing Yu agreed immediately with confidence!
On the same day, we did a short training. On the next day, we went to the registry of motor vehicles.

Her leg touched accidentally boundary - deducted 16 points
Her leg touched the ground when she was riding - deducted 8 points.
And almost forgot to look right and left - almost deducted the points again.
After all... she passed eventually with 74 points(70 is the pass mark)

The moment was incredible!!!!