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Room - 住宿活動




星期一~四 15:00-22:00
星期五~日 15:00-00:00

訂房專線: 07-2851231
旅聚居青年旅舍: www.tripgg.com.tw

This warm spring season, Free Beer at TripGG!!

From now on, 
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We offer you FREE BEER
Every day only three CUPS of Beer, One Cup for only One Person.

Offer Hour:
Mon. - Thurs: 15:00-22:00
Fri- Sun: 15:00-00:00

Just Call: +886 7 2851231
TripGG Hostel: www.tripgg.com.tw

多人房型床位平日一晚房價: 438元/床(人)
多人房型床位假日一晚房價: 500元/床(人)
標準雙人套房平日一晚房價: 1150/間(限兩人入住)
標準雙人套房假日一晚房價: 1800/間(限兩人入住)
大間雙人套房平日一晚房價: 1350/間(限兩人入住)
標準雙人套房假日一晚房價: 2000/間(限兩人入住)
From now to May 31.
Bed in Dormitory Room on weekdays: 438NTD per Bed(per Person)
Bed in Dormitory Room on weekend: 500NTD per Bed(per Person)
Standard Double Room on weekdays: 1150NTD per Room(2 people only
Standard Double Room on weekend: 1800NTD per Room(2 people only)
Large Double Room on weekdays: 1350NTD per Room(2 people only)
Large Double Room on weekend: 2000NTD per Room(2 people only)