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Sie sind soooooo lustig!
一來check in, 就開始說: 其實我們是來度蜜月的~😏
他們又接著說: 不是啦~跟你開玩笑的 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈
(痾....居然被騙了 -_- 嗚嗚嗚嗚T^T)
樂情的邀約他: 走~走~我們去逛夜市吧~
他們又快速的接: 啊哈~我知道你是來接班的 所以你不能跟我們去 哈哈哈哈哈哈
其中一次,德國人走過來時說: 我又有一個問題
我正要站起來回答他時,他又說: 哈哈哈哈 騙你的~😤哈哈哈哈哈
德國人很正經的跟我說: 我們準備了一個小禮物🎁要給你,不是太貴重的東西啦~謝謝你耐心地回答這麼多問題、幫我們這麼多忙、還規劃了行程。這禮物就是---瑞士最有名的瑞士刀(伸手遞給我瑞士刀)😱😱😱
我整個瞪大眼睛心想說: 真假啦? 瑞士刀耶? 很貴耶!!!
結果一看,巧克力啦!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -_- -_- -_-
(外型是用瑞士刀的樣子, 真的很真!!! 因為我還拿去騙別人)
祝你們新婚愉快啦!! (我開玩笑的 哈哈哈)
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Two FUNNY guys from Germany and Switzerland😁😁😁
When I checked in for them, they told me that they came to here for Honeymoon. 😏
I was going to say: happy marriage💖
They spoke immediately: we are joking, hahahahahaha
(ehm....I've been tricked. -_- T^T)
At the evening, they were bound to night market. They saw Andy, who gonna do the next shift. They invited him to join them with so welcome voice.
When Andy gonna refuse them nicely, they said: we know you are the next shift, so you can't not go with us. hahahaha
The next day morning, they came to the reception by turns for asking questions. They came too often that they went to the direction to reception, I got ready to answer the question.
Once the German guest moved forward to reception and said: I have one more question. I got ready to stand up to hear his question. He said: nope, I don't have.😤 hahahahahah
After I was fooled thousand time... it was the time they checked out. They looked at me very seriously...
and said: we have a gift for you. It is just a small present🎁, not so costly. We'd love to thank you for helping us so much and planning things so well. So we have this for you --- a Swiss Army Knife😱😱😱
I was shocked and gazed at the knife he hold with starring eyes: Seriously!? Swiss Army Knife!! That's costly, OK?
When he handed it to me, then they got me again....that was chocolate.... -_- -_- -_-
The time I spent with them, I think I lost my brain or something... 😵
But it was really nice to meet them :) Laughing was in the hostel all the time.
So sincerely to wish your marriage best...(Na, I am joking. haha)
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