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【2016.11.13 旅聚居真的自己去淨灘了】

非常感謝老天爺給了我們好天氣 :)
詢問每一位的感想都說: 我覺得這是一個很有意義的活動,很高興我在這裡一起淨灘
特別感謝: 旗津區中興里里長&里長太太&鄰長
旅聚居青年旅舍: www.tripgg.com.tw
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【2016.11.13 TripGG did really go cleaning beach】
after 2 days rest, it's time to share the story about the experience of cleaning beach this time.
We've postponed the event twice due to weather. So this time, we have to go whatever the weather is bad or not.
Thank God for giving us a very great weather.
Although there were not so many people to join us, the passion was just like 100 people there.
We got 2 guests to join us. Thank you for getting up so early for this.
Moreover, we appreciated that the friends of Angela and Tina participated as well. :)
Everyone has a beautiful heart. No one said he was tired or wanna take break. They all said this was a really meaningful event and were glad to take part.
Even the weather is killing hot, everyone still focused on finding more trash as possible as they could. Someone took the shoes off for get the cans in the sea.
That day, we still got a lot of common junk, e.g. cans, cigarette butt, tableware, slippers etc.
We found also a lot of unusual garbage.
- washing powder bag(still someone washes clothes on the sea?)
- styrofoam(what can be used on the beach?)
- tire(maybe we will find a car next time.)
We ran out of the burlap(for collecting trash) in the end, but we couldn't collect all of the garbage.
We hope people DO NOT leave the things on the beach anymore. We are looking forward to coming back again and seeing her without junk covering.
Particular thanks: Chief of Zhong Xing Village& His Wife and Head of the area.
TripGG Hostel: www.tripgg.com.tw
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