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Room - 住宿活動

🚩 旅聚居🏄 這次一定要淨到灘 😤

自從第一次參加過 RE-THINK 重新思考 的淨灘活動後,其實旅

聚居一心也想跟進,也辦過三次,但總是因為天氣因素無法成行....... 這次應該不會再有問題了吧😭😭😭

 活動時間:11/13(日) 09:00-10:30
🚎 交通資訊:可搭乘高雄港都客運【紅9】自行前往👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


現在就打電話揪揪揪揪揪揪揪揪吧 啾咪


我們海灘見 👀

🚩 TripGG🏄 Beach Cleansing 😤

Since TripGG have joined the beach cleansing hold by RE-THINK 重新思考, we would like to do the same things as they did all the time. We had tried to hold this activity for three times but failed each time cuz of the climate factor. We hope it can be made it this time. 😭😭😭

Activity Time:11/13(Sun) 09:00~10:30
Cleaning Area: Coast near Cijing Guan-Ji Temple, Kaohsiung
Meeting Place :Cijng Guan-Ji Temple
Suggested Tool:Gloves, linen bag, iron clamp
🚎 Transportation: You can take bus No. R9, 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
or you can ride scooter, bike, even drive.

=============== Please Sign up first =================

If you participate this activity, 【200NTD accommodation discounted coupon in TripGG 】will be gotten, which means involving more friends, much more discount 

Cuz the destination is further away from the port, if you have any questions about this activity, please contact with us 😊

See you on the beach 👀